Canis_lupus_layingWe set the bar in service of hunting on completely different level!

We offer services of paid hunting in various hunting grounds all over Slovakia, where each of our clients can experience the beautiful moments full of hunting adventures with friends and family. We mediate individual hunting of all types of game in Slovakia, for day or multi-day joint hunting for boar and pheasant mostly, but also for other animals. Hunting and all intermediary services are provided according to your requirements and ideas for your complete sattisfaction.

We can provide all the essentials, whether it is a Slovak hunting license, compulsory insurance, but also everything else you need for hunting in Slovakia. All of our offered services are performed and accompanied by experienced hunters.

We provide services for passionate antlers collectors with the possibility of granting a hunting license in order to collect them in every season.

Since Slovakia is a country known for its spa destinations, after challenging moments spent in the grounds, we can mediate trips where you can gather new strength in the waters of natural springs or simply relax in the spa.

It is up to you which of our offers, you choose. Enjoy the hunt!